Tomcat Started!

Today we successfully interfaced parallel port buffer through C.

We started the day late as usual.Vidyadhar Kamble, who was to give us lab equipments had gone on leave and was supposed to return on the next Monday. Then the lab was in hands of Vinod who was quite (damn) unhelpful and refused(!!!) to give us equipments till Vidyadhar returned. So, we went back to our lab and asked Mr. Pandit for help. He pulled out a couple of boxes and arranged for resistors, capacitors, LED’s and gave us a CRO, signal generator and power supply. The fat guy (IIT final year placed in INTEL doing his final year proj.) had taken all of our earlier equipment and wasn’t even working on it.
We then went to Prof. M. B. Patil and got three ADC’s from WEL. The WEL lab in charge was Mr. Joshi who was most helpful and gave us a book to photocopy about interfacing the ADC804’s and the much needed single strand wires. We soldered PP connector to single strand wires and connected it to the buffer IC. We tested the ckt and it worked like magic. Our only point of concern was the 40mA current taken by the buffer which increased sometimes on connecting to the computer.

Moreover we also made a Tomcat 5 server servlet query a MySQL database.