Woes of a Pragyan Girlfriend

Why it is the biggest mistake of your lifetime to go out with a member of the website development team of one of the most spectacular technical festivals in India..

Springtime is here- a season of new beginnings, love, laughter and happiness. A great situation for budding relationships you may think. But will the blossom stand the frost of the web team lab of NIT Trichy. I can assure you that it is a trial by fire.

This doesn’t happen only to nerd types or programming fanatics, it can happen to anyone.. cos that s the kind of single minded devotion that Pragyan demands from all those who work for it.

The guy I am dating is normal, that is, as far as guys g.. which isn’t saying too much..:) but he seems to have gotten stuck in a sorta time warp.. with selective memory loss..
Imagine our stone age ancestors.. the times when shaving razors and bath soaps were out of fashion. Waiting in front of the campus main block for a couple of minutes can magically transport you back.. No prizes for guessing what my boy friend’s selective amnesia includes..
For starters.. FOOD, HYGIENE, SLEEP and also most importantly ME..

A day in my life would illustrate this better..

7:30 am Respective Hostels
ME: “Hey!! GET UP.. u r gonna be late.. 8:30 class.. anyway when did u sleep yesterday”
HIM:” I dunno.. three.. four.. “ SILENCE
ME: “ GET UP.. Don t go back to sleep”

8:30 am Class
ME: (SMS) “ u get here now.. u cant bunk more than four classes”
HIM.. no reply.. dashes in when teacher is about to lock the door”

12:10 pm
ME: “Lunch??”
HIM: “ Oh.. sorry I have a meeting at one.. very important.. how about dinner… say sevenish, canteen?”

7:15 pm Canteen
Me:(Thinking)” I ‘ll wait a while and then call”
Me: (Calling)
His phone:”Error in network connection”,” number busy”
7:45 pm
Me: (SMS) U plan on coming or no..
try again to call
Finally..” The number you are trying to reach is currently switched off”
8:15 pm
HIM :”I am really sorry. Didnt mean to.. i was giving ppl work.. then jus wen i was coming out i met X.. I had to talk to him.. “
Phone rings..
HIM(on the phone):”Yeah tell me.. blaaah blaah blaah..”
Finally five minutes of peace.. we eat in silence.. then suddenly
HIM:”Server ke liye kuch karna padega”
Me:(THINKING) “ Can he pls stop thinking abt work for a while..”

10:00 pm
ON phone
HIM: “I am busy.. can i call u later??”
Me: “cool”
12:00 am
1:00 am
ME:” U better sleep if you want to attend class tomorrow..”
4:00 am
HIM:” I am going to sleep now..”
ME:”HMMM..” doze off and put the phone down..

and another brand new day with the same old routine begins..

Well all relationships need a trial; we are serving our internships now.. And maybe it s all for a reason:)

Just a thought....

We could document the development of pragyan by setting up a wiki, just for that, on our lan.

Please comment…

Things to Remember

To make the following modules :

  1. A picture gallery (For events such as laser show)
  2. regms - registration management (To be used for making any kind of forms)
  3. quizms - quizes
  4. forum
  5. article (a normal page)
  6. tbms - a mangement system for mysql tables - a standardized way of displaying values in a table - for example, displaying results in quizms
All these moudules must be accessible from the main site builder. (Thats the main idea of having modules - a list of types of pages to choose from)

Please post your comments about any other types of pages you might think of to be useful.

Programming Ethics to be followed...

It is high time that we at Octa start following standard programming practices.

Two major steps to be followed this time during Pragyan coding are:

  1. To develop pragyan using CVS.
  2. To make use of the DOxygen documentation system for automatic documentation and will develop our code in accordance with the DOxygen system.
We will have to be absolutely sure that the above mentioned guidelines are followed before commencing any work.

Why we would make a new cms.....

Because we want extreme customisability…..

There are many open source cms available but - none of them supports the amount of customizability we require. Our aim here is to make a website which will be used only in the course event. But the cms available are built for web-site management. We don’t want that. We want to host an event, that calls for rapid updates, browsing of online files, edited source code AND having a WYSIWYG editor at the same time, not to mention extensive support for features like quiz, report, user-management etc.

Of course if a cms is robust enough to be used in an event, it is definitely fit for hosting a website ;) ….


Hi guys…
This is a new blog to keep track of pragyan’s website development..