The point of living

You have been warned. These are random thoughts.

After a lot of self evaluation, (or by asking a 5 year old kid), one realizes that the point of living is just being happy.

“Don’t worry, be happy!”

But then, why us? Any one else could have been happy in our place.

One answer to this argument could be: Why bring about a change? You think you are special? Let the world be as it is. Our place in this world is to just live and let live.

Then I guess the answer is - it depends on what you want to be. Special or not so special. Do you want to bring about a change and maybe (not always) sacrifice your happiness (a.k.a. chill) ?

Hard core argument finding maniacs (spiritual gurus) could again point out “Beta, everyone is special” and maybe add it with “Every ant has a part to play in this world”.

I give up then.

Talk about punctuality!!

This wednesday, working at Goldman Sachs, I got a call from Santa Fe. The guy asked me when I wanted him to bring my luggage to my house. I said Saturday (yesterday) around 10 am.

Yesterday, he reached here at 9:55. After everything was brought in and kept at the wanted places, he gave me a feedback form. And boy, the first question was :

Were we on time?

The options were :

a) on time b) 5 min late c) 10 min late d) 30 min late

and nothing after that. They DON’T HAVE a concept of getting late more than half an hour!!

Compare that to the Indian based relocation services. What options should their feedback forms have ?

How much late were we?

a) 1 day 2) 2 day 3) 1 week 4) 2 weeks 5) luggage lost in transit!