File Sharing on LAN

I was thinking of various ways of sharing stuff (movies, mp3’s… you know.. the illegal kind) on our lan…
And here is what I came up with :

  1. Use ftp - Create ftp servers, have a central site having the list of these servers.
  2. Use nothing - a revolutionary way of simply sharing through windows “share file” feature and setting up samba servers in linux.
  3. Use p2p file-sharing - by using one of the protocols listed here.
    Out of these…… I like the p2p file sharing method. Coz :
  • It’s the right way to do it in a network like our’s.
  • Yup. That’s it.
    Now…. read on only if you are interested (otherwise skip) or you will sleep.

Out of the listed protocols (from the site I linked to earlier) Gnutella, EDonkey and Direct Connect are the popular ones.
The most popular file sharing clients licensed under GPL for Gnutella is LimeWire, for EDonkey it’s aMule, and for Direct Connect it’s DC++.

DC++ has the “minimum amount of space needed to be shared in order to connect” feature… so we will use DC++. >=)