Trip to GOA

I just came back from Goa today morning.

It was the best trip of my life. We stayed there 3 days (3rd dec to 5th dec) in a guest house that Saurabh Shirolkar (a.k.a. Badri) had booked for us. We got a really nice deal. After that (5th dec) I went to my tayaji’s (Jayant Rai) house to stay there for 1 day. The next day on 6th dec, I left.

The first day we went to a commercial beach where we paraglided. After paragliding we all came back to the beach and I and Cyber did water biking and the others did something known as a “banana flip”. After that, a few of us went for a walk along the beach. I stayed behind. When they came back they said they saw three topless babes. I cursed at them for not taking a pic.

After that we went to a second more peaceful beach and had a nice time. All of us had rented Activa’s for transportation. Activa’s are tourists’ primary transportation in Goa as all other means are simply maddeningly unaffordable.

The second day we went to Chapora fort. The same place where the movie “Dil Chahata Hai “ shot 2 scenes. It was a nice climb. The view from along the route was simply breath taking. I took a lot of pics.

The 3rd day we had a great time at the beach playing football. Then I went with my friends sharing the cab with them and they dropped my at my tayiji’s place (Navneet Rai). Around 2 o’clock their daughter Megha came back from school. She is studying in 12th std and is really fond of reading. She want’s to become a journalist and has taken art’s stream in her 12th in Goa board.

We got along really well. That night, tayiji took me to the market and bought me two pants and also a shirt for my brother. Jayant tayaji took me to the station in his car on the second day. I bid them good bye. On my way back to Trichy I had a 9hr stop at Bangalore. I bought new Creative earphones in Bangalore. In the evening I went caught the train to Erode from where I took the train to Trichy, from where I am currently writing this blog.