Installing xgnokii for n-gage (in Fedora Core 5)

There’s no nice guide for this!! So, I made one for myself.
I own a Nokia N-Gage RH-29 (The one for Asia … or something like that). Now, I refuse to use windows for seeing all my contacts on the computer. But for using the tool for linux (xgnokii) for Nokia phone doesn’t work right away for Nokia N-Gage.

Here is how to make it work -

  1. Install gnokii and xgnokii - “yum install gnokii xgnokii”.
  2. Follow instructions in the xgnooki wiki with the modifications in steps 3 and 4.
  3. For installing the gnapplet.sis in N-Gage (and Nokia 6600), you have to get the one in here. And in gnapplet.ini file, you have to set irda_support = 0. For that copy the file to computer (through memory card reader or any other way), edit it (change 1 to 0 against irda_support), and copy it back to phone’s memory.
  4. Now here’s the tricky part - if you use the bluetooth dongle like me for bluetooth connection (or even otherwise), how do you find the bluetooth address for that device ? Here’s how - 1) Plug the device in. 2) login console as root (su) and type “hcitool inq”. The bluetooth address must be displayed in console.
  5. Start xgnokii as root (“su”;”xgnooki &”)…. and then the app starts.