Only yesterday I was having a discussion with Purnima on the way while escorting her to the station. How should you spend your life such that you have no regrets about it in your death bed?

I haven’t figured out the answer for myself yet.

I tend to try to achieve as much as possible. But why?

A part of the answer is my thirst for knowledge, my unending desire to make sure things work and another part is, I fear, to make others look up to me. But this again conflicts with my notion of not having a role model. Why do what others have done before? How does that make your life worthwhile? And by worthwhile I mean precious, non replaceable.

In other words, I tell myself it doesn’t matter what others think of me. But I it still does matter to me what others think.

As for the question what makes one life complete/worthwhile/not regrettable, will blog about it when the answer comes to me.