The Gods must be crazy..


I mean, this is Faridabad.. in MAY!!! Last year this time, it was blazing hot with loo making it’s rounds all over India, with people dying of brain fever.

And now, when I come to Faridabad for 10 days, the last time before my job starts, the weather decides to become stormy, windy and rainy.

I caught a throat infection while coming home via Bhilai from NIT Trichy. I was hoping the heat here would cure the infection. But no, God makes sure the weather is such that it only gets worse.

Thank you, O Lord. (:oloo)

Back to square one

I am back home at Faridabad now.

It was a great journey form Trichy to here. Me and Ankit came together. We caught Rockfort express from Trichy and reached Chennai around 5:30 in the morning. Once we got down the train, we leisurely checked the time for our next train - Gareeb Rath. We had to go from Chennai Egmore station to Chennai Central station to catch the train. And the time for the departure of the train wasss…. 6:10 am.

I walked as fast as I could to keep pace with the nervous Ankit, carrying my ridiculously heavy prehistoric suitcase. When we reached the exit of the station, we were in such a hurry, that we agreed to an autowala when he quoted the price Rs. 50. We got into the auto and the auto took us to the station. When he stopped, he stopped in the main road. He said it would be faster if we got off here and walked to the entrance of the station, saying something in tamil-english of which I could catch only the following : “round, longer, less time, entrance, route”. We got off, and found out none of us had Rs. 50 change. I took out Rs. 100 and asked him to please find change from somewhere. He got off, went to few autowalas, then came back running, got into the auto, and drove off as fast as lightning. Ankit was cursing him. This is the first time I got bagged so openly.

We went into the station, found our train, got in at around 6am. Ankit got off to get breakfast, which consisted of 2 sandwiches, 2 garlic chicken puffs, and 2 simple chicken puffs. We ate it at around 6:30 am. It was delicious. Gareeb Rath was a strange train. It had 84 seats instead of the normal 72 seats. They achieved this by mounting 3 seats in the side berth instead of the normal 2. The journey was quite smooth. We spent the whole day configuring his laptop. First we repartitioned his hard-disk to backup all his data. Ended up using all the utilities which I had burnt up for purnima into CD’s. Then installed Windows XP, then installed Linux Fedora 8, then setup all his repositories.

Then around 7 pm, we watched the movie Amityville. We put down all the curtains and turned off all lights. The compartment was almost like a movie theatre. We watched the whole movie, which I discovered after watching for the first 10 minutes I had already watched.

The train was 3 and a half hours late. Mom came to recieve me at H.Nizamuddin station. We cought a Delhi-Mumbai train to go back to Faridabad.

On the way I discovered that the hols won’t be as free as I assumed them to be when Mom started laying out my time table in front of me.. “ Tuesday Mama’s birthday, tomorrow movie, Wednesday back, Thursday carpenter”…. Gimme a break!

Tomorrow’s plan of watching “I am Legend”, starring Will Smith, got preponed to today, and I am writing this blog after coming back from the movie from SRS plaza - PVR.