Switching (back) from hugo to hexo

It has been really long since I blogged anything. The primary reason was that blogging and searching through the existing blog had become tougher than required. Probably because of Hugo and the theme that I selected in it.

Spent today shifting sahil.cc back from hugo to hexo. Ended up paying a heavy price for not sticking as closely as possible to the Markdown spec (and depending hugo/hexo specific plugins instead).

For Hexo theme, it was a close call between Hexo Next and Icarus. Finally Hexo Next won out for its ease of use.

Now live at https://www.sahil.cc

A Good Hexo Tutorial

No I am not going to write a tutorial for everything under the sun if it already exists.

Just recently found a great tutorial for Hexo - https://www.cgmartin.com/2016/01/03/getting-started-with-hexo-blog/

Useful info:

  1. Use hexo-browsersync for live reload - was wondering how I didn’t know about this earlier
  2. Use drafts for writing posts and then publish. hexo new draft "postName", hexo pusblish "postName"
  3. Use <!-- more --> to show only the part above it listing pages and hide the rest in a “read more” button
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