Aamchi Mumbai - Kelon ka din

Today we were beaten up and looted. Well actually we broke the law. The day started with Sahil getting up late. Ladki finally aa gayi. We deposited our login forms. We then took our notebook and set off for Lamington Road to shop for an ADC with a list of 15 prospect ADC’s. Sahil wanted to recharge his mobile. Five buses left for Andheri in front of us. We then waited for an hour till we got a bus. We went to Andheri station and purchased two return tickects for Grant Road.

As Sahil and Sumit wanted to book tickets for going home, we decided to book them in Dadar. After roaming a lot on the station, we finally located the place where we wanted to book the tickets. Unfortunately, there was a outstation platform between us and the booth and we were caught by the rascal waiting to catch unawares like us. We were taken to the office where we saw two hooligans getting scores. After bargaining and a lot of gidgidana, we managed to get the fine down from Rs 1254 per person to Rs. 100 per person. We were then sick of Dadar and decided to book the tickets in Churchgate.

So we set off for Lamington Road. We searched a lot for Vega and Visha electronic shops and found them in an hour. Only Vega had one of our 15 ADC’s and that was costing Rs.850. We also learned that the market had fallen 826 points. We then had food at King’s. We roamed a lot on foot searching for an internet cafe, but after another hour of fruitless search, we found that the nearest internet cafe was in Chowpatty. We were frustrated and decided to leave for Churchgate.

We booked new return tickets for Churchgate. We went in a comparitively empty train and went to the reservation center where there was a long queue but fortunately, was air-conditioned. We then wanted to make the trip some use, so we decided to see the Gateway. It was fun and we saw a lot of couples there. We also returned by foot and had atleast a four km walk.

As we returned by a fast train, there was tremendous rush at Andheri and Nitin got his lip swollen. We had had enough of the day and went to Powai in an air-conditioned bus. There were two wonderful girls in the bus. We had dinner in the restaurant in the campus and returned back to the hostel.

We had set out to explore Mumbai but Mumbai ended up exploring us.