Trip to Pune..

Today is Sunday.
We decided on Friday that we’ll be going to Pune.. We reached Pune at 11 P.M. by bus..

On Saturday..
We brought all our clothes to Pune to use Isli’s washing machine to wash our clothes. Turned out his washing machine hadn’t been used for 3 months :P . We spent an hour cleaning his washing machine. When Sahil washed his clothes in the washing machine.. and returned after 15 min, the water had turned darker than slum water.(Yuk!). Put his clothes in one more round. Same with Sumit.
Then we went to Deccan road. Had a Pizza for lunch. Sahil purchased ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’. Had some fun at McDonald’s.
We came back home, had ice-cream, had chinese for dinner along with Austin Powers I (awesome night!!).

Caught bus at Kothrud. Sahil had to stand half of the way coz no seats were left. Reached hostel around 2 P.M. had samosas AND went to the department. Was a rough day. Had nice food in canteen.