Interfacing with C

Today we interfaced C with MySQL successfully (even though we got up at 12 in the afternoon). We haven’t been able to contact Prof. T. S. Rathore and Mrs. Solanki was absent the whole week, due to which we are working in two teams, Sahil in H13 on Rohan’s comp and Sumit and me in H4 on my laptop. I had put the mysql.h file in /usr/include which was not the proper way of doing it, so Sahil downloaded the rpm from the internet and it worked like magic!

Sahil is reading Java (it’s quite vast), I’m Orkutting and Blogging and Sumit is sleeping. We have read the Parapin tutorial and understood quite a lot of it. We’ll test it as soon as we lay our hands on the department comp (my laptop doesn’t have a parallel port). Sahil is reading about interfacing, packaging and threading. He says we have to read the whole of Java for implementing the plotting applet.


  • Fedore Core 5
  • phpMyAdmin 2.8

  • MySQL 5.0.18

  • libgcj-4.1.0

  • gcc 4.1.0

  • Parapin 1.0.0
  • Firefox We are using only Open Source softwares for the development of our project.

Have done:

  1. Understood Parapin programming in C through the Parapin library.

  2. Interfaced C and MySQL.
    To Do:

  3. To build the ADC and buffer circuit and clock it using Parapin.

  4. Test the C program real time using a variable dc input.
  5. Test the C program real time using a variable frequency ac input.
  6. Decrease the time delay in inserting data into the MySQL database.

  7. Understand Java applet programming.

  8. Interface Java with MySQL.
  9. Synchronize Java so that MySQL table is not flooded. Nitin Isloorkar