Today we successfully made JAVA query MySql!!!

At last… Solanki Ma’am (the office person in the academic section) finally came back from her holiday (which delayed us by 10 days). We got the project form signed from the Dean which opened many doors for us ->

  1. We were able to pay the project fees (Rs. 2000/- each).

  2. The fees reciept enabled us to step inside the department lab.

  3. We applied for hostel accomodation and identity card.We went to the department and met our project supervisor Mr. Uday Pandit after one whole week. We recieved our computer in the department today although we wont be allowed to work on it (i.e. install FC5 on it (rape it)) until some kind of permission is obtained from some computer supervisor. We also recieved our equipment today.

From tomorrow we have to report at the department at 10 am(!!) everyday(!!!!) and brief the professor about our progress(??) before leaving.

After coming back we watched Gangster (in a Body’s room coz our friend’s had locked the doors behind us). Before leaving in the afternoon I was at the brink of making Java work with MySql… I had the code… I had installed the package.. the code complied.. everything was perfect! BUT.. the code refused to work. Now at 2:30 am at night I realised I was trying to execute the wrong executable all along! Everything was perfect and the correct executable worked. I was just trying to execute the wrong one.

Tomorrow we would be recieving our hostel accomodition. We will apply for sharda accounts (Sharda is the name of the mail server of the electrical department at IITB).

Finally… the project starts..